Things that should always be true @ACDC

These are our internal values and guidelines for our everyday work. These tenets state the way we want to work and develop ourselves as individuals in a group of dedicated colleges working toward a shared goal. These tenets are measured regularly to ensure that we are not drifting off course. All new employees should be familiar with these tenets as these describe the culture we want at ACDC.

If you work here, you are trusteD

  • Trusted to act with the company’s best interest in mind.

  • Trusted with access to systems and information.

  • Trusted to manage your time responsibly.

  • When stuff goes wrong, we learn from it without placing blame on individuals.

Openness is the default

  • All information is shared - unless for legal or other obvious or important reasons.

  • We all know what’s going on.

  • We know who’s working on what.

  • We can participate wherever we have something to contribute.

A shared vision is key to motivation

  • I know the company’s current situation. I know where we’re headed and why.

  • I know what is expected of me.

  • I see the link between my work and company goals - I know why it matters.

Teamwork is the norm

  • We are still a startup, not a corporation. We operate as one team.

  • We do our best to help our colleagues when they need us.

  • Personal flexibility is balanced against predictability and impact on our colleagues.

  • It is vital for trust and cooperation that we regularly meet and get to know each other as people.

  • Solving issues together is better than being frustrated and miserable alone.

Agile is not just a buzzword

  • We deliver results incrementally - from any process. We integrate early and often.

  • We respond quickly to changed requirements, new information and opportunities.

  • We love honest feedback on works in progress.

  • Small, self-organizing teams deliver the best results.

  • Ideas are cheap. Talk less, do more. Build, test, show, learn. We aim to fail fast & cheaply.

Our communication style is professional and BS-free

  • We don’t hype and disappoint - we’d rather be humble and overwhelm.

  • We listen to the customer and don’t push what they shouldn’t buy (e.g. don’t need).

  • We speak the language of the audience.

  • People are not stupid, and honest questions deserve honest answers.

  • When I see us acting unethically or embarrassingly, I raise my voice.

  • We treat criticism and disagreement as an opportunity for improvement.

  • We give credit to those who deserve it.

We respect the Flow Zone

  • We understand that long periods of concentration are critical for productivity.

  • A colleague’s time is not free. Every meeting, every phone call, every interruption has a cost.

  • We maximize uninterrupted work time and minimize the frequency and length of meetings.

  • We initiate communication using asynchronous methods whenever we can wait for an answer.

  • Group efforts involve the minimum number of people required for the task.

  • Concentrated workshops with deliverables are superior to regular meetings over time.

  • All meetings have predefined outcomes, agendas, and a realistic time span + post eval.

There is room for self-development

  • I get to use my skills, my knowledge, my creativity, my potential.

  • My work is a good mix of stuff I know well and stuff I don’t know yet.

  • I get to participate in conferences and take courses to learn new things.

  • Not learning anything? That is a bug. We fix bugs!

We realize you have a life beside your job

  • I can work flexible hours and locations - because I use this flexibility responsibly.

  • On my spare time, I can take work off my mind with a clean conscience.

  • Travel is sometimes necessary, but we seek to limit it.

  • When work impacts my private life, I am compensated for it.

ACDC is a cool company to work for

  • I can - within reason - choose the tools I prefer for my work.

  • The company has some cool perks that are not found everywhere.

If we sound like the kind of company you'd like to be a part of — and you think you have something to contribute to our team — please get in touch. We’re always looking for new talants! If you would like to register an open application you can register yourself in our database.