We are an open source-friendly company. We use a lot of open source software in our platform - notably OpenStack, but also other platforms and libraries.

OpenStack in Arctic Cloud

We believe that open source in the long run outperforms proprietary systems. Open source based software tend to be more reliable and transparent since it typically has thousands of independent programmers testing and fixing bugs of the software.

OpenStack is one of the most widely used cloud technologies today for both private and public cloud and is used by many of todays well known companies such as: Walmart, Nike, Cern and many more. For more info on OpenStack visit the homepage of the OpenStack foundation:

Open Compute Hardware

In the same spirit, the Open Compute Project is about simplifying the data center and removing inefficient designs. It’s about increasing availability through non-traditional architectures, like moving batteries from a central UPS to the individual IT racks.

We are fans of the Open Compute Project and use OCP hardware to provide our services. This allows us to avoid vendor lock-in while “piggybacking” on innovation happening in hyperscale companies such as Facebook and Microsoft.

We also intend to be more than just consumers of their designs, and plan to donate our own infrastructure designs to the Open Compute Foundation.

Arctic Circle Data Center at OCP US Summit

We have already held a session at Open Compute 2018 US summit. This presentation can be viewed here:

Contributions from Arctic Cloud

We also use other Open Source tools such as Promtheus and Grafana in our setup. We contribute to Open Source in many ways. We have given input on bugs and fixes that we have found to the relevant foras, as well as published our own repositories on GitHub.

We believe in sharing as well as consuming - and will continue to do so for the future.