We aim to empower our customers digital transformation by providing compute power and scale-able solutions.

Why should you use us? - These are some arguments that we feel are important.


We are unique in Norway as we have based our hardware, as well as our cloud solution, on Open Source standards. Our cloud solution is based on OpenStack, a solution used by some of the largest companies in the world. Our racks confer to the OpenCompute Project, that is specialized for Hyperscale computing / supporting cloud services, this gives us high flexibility and control over the stack.

Located in Norway

We are a Norwegian company completely under local legislation. We own and operate our infrastructure which means we control our entire stack. Norway is within the GDPR area and makes compliance with GDPR easy.

Being a Norwegian company we do not fall under legislation such as the Cloud Act.

Do good - choose Eco-friendly cloud services

The ICT business stands for between 6-9% of all energy consumption worldwide. This is projected to increase to 20% by 2025.

By choosing Arctic Cloud as your provider for digital infrastructure you are ensuring that your usage of digital services is sustainable. We are powered by clean hydroelectric power and have an efficient infrastructure with natural arctic cooling

An increase in the usage of renewable energy globally is one of the targets for UN's goals for sustainable development. Arctic Cloud is run on locally produced sustainable energy, supporting the UN’s sustainability goals towards environmentally friendly energy consumption - your choice for your digital footprint matters. Read more about UN’s sustainability goals here.

Excellent availability and SLA

We aim for a service availability of 99.9% or higher. If we fail to reach this target for a particular service in a given month we will credit you 25% of your monthly charge for this service. Please see our Service Level Agreement for more info. We monitor our services 24/7/365.

Full cost control

Usage monitoring is available at all times through our portal - no risk of losing control over cloud usage. Invoices are sent by email on a monthly basis. Free tier and value codes are automatically deducted from your account - no action required.

Valid payment methods are credit card, by invoice/credit to Norwegian companies registered in Norway, or through value codes.

Self service

Our services are self served. This means no waiting for others to set up and manage your cloud. You can choose your preferred way of working: Either through our management console, by using command line / scripts or by using an infrastructure as code tool such as Terraform or similar. This means that you can work whenever you want - whatever the hour.

Support and assistance

We have a dedicated support portal where we aim to support your needs. Since we have made our own solution we can also do changes and improvements easily. Good flow and user experience is important to us as users ourselves and we continuously strive to better ourselves in these areas, let us know if we can improve some parts of our solutions at:

We have made various guides for your self-assistance. These are made for all three management options; console, command-line and Terraform, and can be found on our support site. This means that you will find a guide for your preferred way of working with the cloud to help you get your systems up. Let us know if you would like new guides by either sending us a mail to or by leaving a message at our community pages on:

Seeing is believing - try our services with our free tier option: