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24 Verkstedløypa
Mo i Rana, Nordland, 8626

+47 751 55 000

Arctic Cloud services is an open source based cloud services provider. We utilize Open Compute Project's hardware designs along with Open Stack based solutions developed in house. This gives us full control of all parts of our stack. Our location in North Norway with excess power and excellent natural cooling gives us a comparative edge that we use to keep our prices and offerings highly competitive.


Service pricing



Arctic Circle Cloud Services offers Infrastructure as a Service. Currently we offer Compute, Block Storage and Network Services.

Below You will find pricing schemes for all services. All prices are in NOK, exclusive VAT.

We accept both credit cards and company invoicing.


New customers can use resources for up to NOK 250 free of charge each month for the first 6 months.

You can have up to 100 GB of ingress (RX) and egress (TX) traffic to your applications per month for free.

Internal traffic on private networks and between availability zones is free of charge.


We currently have the following standard images / operating systems: Centos 6 and 7, Debian 9, Fedora, Ubuntu 16.04 & 18.04, and Windows Server 2012 R2 & 2016. If you require other images, you can upload your own or send us a support message at


We offer a range of flavors for compute instances. Our regular instance types, with dedicated resources, have 4 GB RAM per vCPU. There's also a line of high-memory instance types with 8 GB RAM per vCPU, and a line of low-memory instance types with 2 GB RAM per vCPU.

Choose which range You need in the table below.

The evaluation instance type (g1.micro) uses shared, not dedicated, resources. Performance may therefore be varying and unpredictable. Such instances are recommended only for evaluation and not for mission-critical tasks


We offer a range of options for attachable block storage. Choose based on your need for performance and reliability.

AZ = Availability Zone. Replication across availability zones puts greater demands on our network infrastructure, but gives you the highest level of resilience against hardware failures, power outages and unforeseen incidents.

Storage is replicated as default in order to ensure high availability and security, choose Super High Availability in order to ensure that your data are stored on different AZ/Sites.

Flash-based storage with NVMe  is planned for Q3 2018.


We offer free network traffic up to 100 GB per month (RX/TX), also keep in mind that internal traffic is free.

Bandwidth is not restricted on user basis.


We aim for a service availability of 99.9% or higher. If we fail to reach this target for a particular service in a given month, we will credit you 25% of your monthly charge for this service. Please see our Service Level Agreement for more info.


Invoices are sent by email. Initially, the only valid payment method is by credit card (pre-paid or post-paid, depending on circumstances), while other payment methods will be added in the future. Usage monitoring and invoice handling is offered via a web interface.