digital infrastructure from the arctic

Norwegian Eco-friendly public cloud based on Open source



We offer Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS). This includes compute, storage and network services offered in two availability zones in order to support high availability solutions. This gives our customers scalable and secure resources for digital transformation and production. We also offer Platform as a Service (PaaS). Currently we offer DNS services including floating IP and Object storage.


All our servers are dedicated - even our smallest one with 1vCPU and 1 GB RAM. This because we believe that you should always have access to the full capacity of the resources that you have bought. Sharing an instance also opens up another possible attack angle for advanced attacks such as Spectre / Spectre -NG and similar. We also recognize that you may have compliance / regulatory requirements that require isolation of your data and thus offer dedicated instances that are “normal” in size and easy to cost-calculate. Other cloud vendors may charge extra fee for dedicated/isolated servers or may only offer larger (20 vCPU+) instances as dedicated / isolated


By moving compute, storage and networking to a cloud based platform you can reduce both investment and operations costs. Automated setup and configuration through tools such as Infrastructure as Code can reduce time spent while removing possible errors from manual setups. DevOps tools such as Infrastructure-as-Code (IaC) is supported and we have guides with Terraform scripts available. Our storage solutions support popular standard API’s as S3 and Swift for storage - making integration easy. Want to use us as a part of hybrid- or multicloud-solutions? Feel free as OpenStack is one of the most used cloud technologies in the world and integrates easily.


If you want to innovate and utilize new techology such as IOT, Big Data analysis, Virtual or Augmented Reality then cloud based resources can help you get started faster with lower costs. We offer an opportunity to start exploring new opportunities without having to invest in new equipment - thus cutting down on time to market. Arctic Cloud is based on the “pay as you use” principle and will scale both up and down according to your needs.

We currently provide pre-made images of the following operating systems: Centos 6 and 7, Debian 9, Fedora, Ubuntu 16.04 & 18.04, Windows Server 2012 R2 and Windows server 2016 + 2019, you have the option of uploading your own custom images.


We want you to succeed in your digital projects. We can assist in on-boarding and introduce you to central cloud concepts and tools that we recommend such as Terraform and Ansible. We have made guides in both Norwegian and English for normal use cases on our cloud. Our support channel and chat line is available for booking of on-boarding, assistance and troubleshooting at



Linux instances #vCPUs Memory (GB) NOK/hour ~NOK/month
g1.micro 1 1 0,10 73
g1.small 1 4 0,50 365
g1.medium 2 8 1,00 730
g1.large 4 16 2,00 1 460
g1.xlarge 8 32 4,00 2 920
g1.xxlarge 16 64 8,00 5 840
g1.xxxlarge 32 128 16,00 11 680
g1.small_lowmem 1 2 0,38 274
g1.medium_lowmem 2 4 0,75 548
g1.large_lowmem 4 8 1,50 1 095
g1.xlarge_lowmem 8 16 3,00 2 190
g1.xxlarge_lowmem 16 32 6,00 4 380
g1.xxxlarge_lowmem 32 64 12,00 8 760
g1.small_highmem 1 8 0,75 548
g1.medium_highmem 2 16 1,50 1 095
g1.large_highmem 4 32 3,00 2 190
g1.xlarge_highmem 8 64 6,00 4 380
g1.xxlarge_highmem 16 128 12,00 8 760
Windows instances #vCPUs Memory (GB) NOK/hour ~NOK/month
w1.small 1 4 0,70 511
w1.medium 2 8 1,40 1 022
w1.large 4 16 2,80 2 044
w1.xlarge 8 32 5,60 4 088
Storage services Storage Medium Data Replication NOK per GB per month
Block storage - default HDD Within Availability Zone 0,50
Block storage - HA HDD Multiple Availability Zones 2,00
Object storage HDD Multiple Availability Zones 0,60
Data Traffic NOK/GB Monthly Free Usage
Ingress traffic (RX) 0,01 100 GB
Egress traffic (TX) 0,50 100 GB
Network Services NOK/hour ~NOK/month
Public IPv4 address 0,02 14,60
Private network Free of charge 0,00


New customers can use resources for up to NOK 250 each month for the first 6 months as part of our free-tier program. The free-tier credits can be used for any size server and service.

This equals up to 2500 hours of compute per month on the smallest available server, but you only pay for what you use so you can spin up an environment for testing and then remove it without having to pay for unused resources.

All customers get 100GB of ingress(RX) and egress(TX) traffic free each month - always.